I’m Not Graduating Because of Russia

I had an ongoing case going through my university's Office of Ethics and Integrity. This weekend, I was supposed to graduate. Four days ago, however, I received a final statement pertaining to my case. Apparently I was accused of cheating on an exam. I should have been increasingly vigilant of my surroundings. I knew something… Continue reading I’m Not Graduating Because of Russia

ANTIFA and Intolerance: The Reemergence of Puritanism in America  

The Puritans were members of the official state church of England, the Anglican Church. They did, however, felt that it needed to be reform to resemble Protestantism. They protested and complained against the Anglican Church and its hierarchy, and even went as far as criticizing the English monarch and Parliament. Here is a passage from… Continue reading ANTIFA and Intolerance: The Reemergence of Puritanism in America  

Take my land! Build that wall!

 Eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use. Or as Republicans like to call it: Socialism.  Border town residents that voted for Donald Trump are at a crossroads.  In assuming they voted for Trump due to his stance on limited government and strong border, contradictions… Continue reading Take my land! Build that wall!