My Wife’s Son

Hooray! Do you want to know what I am excited about? My wife just told me we are having a kid! Well, to clarify, she told that she HAS a kid. 

Say hello to my wife’s son. Isn’t he just precious? His name is Quoinesha. 

Wowzers! This sure took me by surprise. At first, I was reluctant at the thought of raising another man’s child. But then I remembered the wise words of Bernie Sanders: 

Was I going to let this black kid just grow up in the ghetto or wherever black people are from? I have the duty, as an American, to accept this child and ensure his future and cultivate his potential. 

I have to admit, however, the first day with my wife’s new son was a bit weird. 

I had the chance to stay with him as my wife had a business trip for the second straight week. I find it strange that she can never pick up the phone during that time, but I digress. 

My wife and I live in a relatively suburban neighborhood. I think this made for a situation of cultural shock for Quoinesha. 

I tried to imitate his natural environment. I never talked to a black person before so I watched ‘Boyz N The Hood’ to get a better sense of his recent life. 

I would call me “my nigga” but I do not think that is gender appropriate. 

Does anyone have any tips on how to care for a black person? Please email me and let me know. Thanks! 


1 thought on “My Wife’s Son”

  1. Well your wife is hot pal, and living the hot lifestyle by the look of things. What a modern and progressive couple you must be. Does she only enjoy your African American friends or is she more open then that? I hope so anyway then I would happily drop in on her… On you both, er all I mean. Sorry dude, don’t shoot bruv! lol

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