I’m Not Graduating Because of Russia

I had an ongoing case going through my university’s Office of Ethics and Integrity. This weekend, I was supposed to graduate. Four days ago, however, I received a final statement pertaining to my case.

Apparently I was accused of cheating on an exam. I should have been increasingly vigilant of my surroundings. I knew something was up when a student, after turning in his test, pointed me out to the professor. I think he was Russian. 

I am not taking any responsibility for this. If it wasn’t for the Head of the Office of Ethics and Integrity, I would have graduated!  This moment of grandeur, not just for myself, but for my entire family, has been denied. Explaining this to mother was of difficulties. But it had to be known: it was not my fault.

“So, I know I was supposed to graduate on Saturday, but I can’t.”

“What? Why?”

“I didn’t do nothing wrong. I think they’re racist or something.”

That was a lie. The truth is, I did cheat on that test.  But should I take responsibility for my actions? Psssst. No thanks.


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