I have always wondered why I have such difficulties explaining myself to others. At times I feel like I am either surrounded by individuals that rarely think. Am I just rambling? Are facts and logic no longer needed in our post-modern world?  Does the truth matter anymore? Excuse me as I do not mean to come off as a snob.

I came across this passage from the book The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker. It made me think deeply my original thought.

“What we will see is that man cuts out for himself a manageable world: he throws himself into action uncritically, unthinkingly. He accepts the cultural programming that turns his nose where he is supposed to look; he doesn’t bite the world off in one piece as a giant would, but in small manageable pieces, as a beaver does. He uses all kinds of techniques, which we call the “character defenses”: he learns not to expose himself, not to stand out; he learns to embed himself in other-power, both of concrete person and of things and cultural commands; the result is that he comes to exist in the imagined infallibility of the world around him.”

Is it not better to have one’s head in the sand than to face nature’s truths? The truth, at times, can be scary. It can be daunting and alter one’s entire paradigm. The truth . . . hurts. I, however, do not want to be denied from the truth.

Employers, do not hire me based on a quota. Colleges and universities, do not accept merely for the color of my skin. I want to know the truth: Am I here due to of my qualifications or my characteristics?

Without the truth, I am limited. Where is it that I truly stand among my peers when I’m constantly told I am within arms reach?


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