The Problem of Hate Symbols

I am enrolled in an online Ph.D. program. For my thesis paper, I am writing about hate symbols and the semantics of feminism.


Before going we go any further, I will like to state: Hate speech is not free speech. We are in a battle against white supremacist and Neo-Nazis that be suppressed by any means necessary.

As a synopsis of my paper, I interviewed my colleagues, via email, to discuss with them a time in which they defended our society from the vileness that is racism.

So, here are the three stories I encountered:


I was at Chuck E Cheese (I like to hang out there) and came across a group of people huddled around a cake.

I took this opportunity to reign in some justice


“Excuse you?”  The group was in flabbergasted by my eruptive crudeness.

I flashed my phone to the group. They immediately took the candles out of the cake.

“Happy one plus eleven birthday,” I said to the boy before walking away.



I was at a party this past weekend. 

I ran into a childhood friend that I haven’t seen since high school. What a small world, I said to myself. After our conservation, I asked him if he wanted to get lunch that week.

“What’s your phone number?”

” 3-1-8.”

I stopped him right in his tracks.

“3-1-8?” I asked her.

“Yeah. I am from Louisian” –


I flashed my phone in front of her.


“I am from . . . Lousiana? ”


I left the party in disgust. He was obviously attempting to rebuke or white supremacy. What a foul human being.


I take a sign language class. This week we have learning idioms and uncommon phrases in the ASL. There went my professor, go through all of the signals.

Until . . .


I started yelling at my teacher. She was deaf so I pushed her around a bit.

“Do you think it is okay to be a racist?” I said while translating the phrase to her in sign language.

The cops were called.

Before they escorted me out of the classroom I defended my actions. I put on my Pussyhat to pay my utmost respects.

“I stand in solidarity with my fellow women. Let it be known: we deserve a safe space. We deserve to go about our day without bearing witness to such atrocious.”



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