Moderately Speaking

I attend a university. I am also a minority. Lately, as it pertains to politics, I have been feeling disenfranchised.

I have been accused of being the following:

  • House negro
  • Uncle Tom
  • Trump apologist
  • Sexist/bigot
  • Conservative dumbass
  • Ben Carson (my favorite)

I attend a liberal university.

So, I had to ask myself: “How conservative am I really?” I decided to take a few political ideology quizzes to see where I stood.





*I would take percentages from the Democratic or Republic party with a cup of salt since they rarely implement their own proposals* 

Why won’t you look at this: The result indicate that I fare towards the center-left, otherwise now known as being a fascist. Obviously I am exaggerating; however, this does shed light on a serious point of discussion.

This twitter exchange between Sam Seder and Sam Harris seem to be indicative of my political qualms.





I did everything I could to make the case against Trump prior to the election (while many of the liberals now attacking me for enabling his “Islamophobia” actively undermined the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, even in the final days of the campaign).

–  Sam Harris

In today’s polarized climate, even if you agree with the enemy 1% of the time, you might as well be a full-pledge supporter.


It often seems there’s no center in American politics anymore. Increasingly polarized camps on the right and left hold diametrically opposed, irreconcilable views on seemingly every issue.

– The Atlantic 

I have increasingly become marginalized by my peers politically. Those who I agree with see me as an enemy. And my enemies – well, they hate me due to the fact that I have liberal views.

Ironically, I would probably fair much better voicing the same opinions I have on a conservative campus. I find it contradictory that the ideology of inclusion and openminded has pushed me aside.

I guess I don’t fit the narrative. Of course, if you sway from the herd, you are subjected to criticism.



Perhaps they want me to tell the tale of the repressed minority that goes quivering towards the Democratic party because some mean, bigoted Republican said all lives matter.

It seems that I am nothing more than a prop to either side of the isle. The Republicans will parade me around as their token conservative to signify diversity.  The Democrats will expect me to buckle up. If I don’t, I am subjected to chastisement. 

Pick your cliche.



And to that, the two-party system has failed me.


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