Take my land! Build that wall!

 Eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use. Or as Republicans like to call it: Socialism. 

Border town residents that voted for Donald Trump are at a crossroads. 

In assuming they voted for Trump due to his stance on limited government and strong border, contradictions starts to emerge. 

One might have heard these stock statements echoed throughout the campaign season regarding limited government:

We need a smaller guberment! 

Welfare is communism! Bernie Sanders is a communist!

Conversely, one might have heard these stock statements reverberated regarding strong borders:

Build that wall! Mexico is gunna pay for it!

They are taking our jobs! Get them out! 

So what happens when the government has to take your land to build the border wall? Is Trump now a communist? 

On the Mexico-Texas boarder resides a small community of retirees. Although Trump supporters, they have a different opinion on the wall. 

Eminent domain directly clashes with the small ‘guberment’ ideology expressed by many Trump supporters.  
Mexico is not paying for the border, but your property and land will be contributing to its conception. 


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