The Government We Deserve

Perhaps this is the government we deserve.

I live in a city in which the schools are falling apart. I attended a school board meeting late fall with school funding being the hot topic. Dozens of teacher and children in attendance with signs in protest against the dilapidated conditions. A teacher came forth to address the city council members. She brought with her a cylinder block that struck a student while they were using the restroom.

The kids in the crowd were of all colors. They all shared the same pain. The feeling of being neglected while your city put aside millions of taxpayer dollars to an NFL training facility.

And yet Putin is the enemy?

85% of Democrats described Russia as a very or moderately serious threat in CNN/ORC’s March 2017 poll, up from 53% in April/May 2016. Hmm. I wonder who is responsible for this changing of perception.


I was shocked by the lack of coverage in the local news about this issue. Where was the outrage from the residents? Where was the community support? When Donald Trump was elected, the streets were filled with protesters and debauchery.

Is it sad to know that the same narrative on Russia you support is endorsed by Dick Cheney? A man that is afraid of being prosecuted for war crimes.

We are edifying those that have advocated and committed heinous acts. We are now applauding individuals that have broken international law. And for what? Because they dislike Trump?

Yes, Trump should be held accountable for his action just like any other elected official should. There are, however, problems happening in your backyard. Change happens from the bottom-up. 

We do not deserve a righteous and competent government when we are ourselves lack these facets.



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