Is Duolingo Promoting Islamophobia?

I was brushing up on my French earlier today only to be confronted with a polarizing phrase.


The sentence translates into “They called the police.” 

Why is the character depicted wearing a hijab? Why would anyone be calling the police? What is the message that is being conveyed here? 

Is this the type of message Duolingo wants to have on their app? I am not accusing Duolingo of any wrongdoing. I am, however, making the point that: the character displayed being associated with the sentence is extremely insensitive.

I would have never expected that an app that allows us to learn different languages and promotes multiculturalism would be so careless.

Duolingo, I am asking you to take this down. Not on my behalf, but on the current conditions the world is facing with Islamophobia.



4 thoughts on “Is Duolingo Promoting Islamophobia?”

  1. I’m not a fan of Duolingo as it is (I tried using it and found that you need a basic understanding of the language you want to learn for it to actually be helpful), but this is just ridiculous!

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