Build Your Own Damn Roads: A Case for Free-Market Roads

Why should individuals that do not drive or own a car subsidize roads they do not even use? Are you tired of people driving through your neighborhood and damaging your roads? Are you tired of traffic congestion?

As an anarcho-capitalist, the solution is simple: privatize roads.

You know the concepts of tolls and car-based taxes that cities have implemented throughout the years? These taxes that are proposed are collected by our federal, state, and municipal governments and fund basic programs at all  levels such as healthcare and social programs.

On the other hand, state funding for transportation costed taxpayers $55 billion during the 2013 fiscal year. This accounted for 5 percent of state spending on average.

I have a solution. I want to start a company called Federalist Roads. We will buy up high-traffic roads from all over the countries. Then we will allow usage based a yearly subscription. One can subscribe to have access to our roads for the rate of $1,000 per year.

Are you poor? Tough luck. Take the back roads that are barely maintained and full of potholes. In the most extreme cases, charitable organizations will be created to help fund the most deteriorated of roads.


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