Cheat Day? More Like a Cheat Year.

I chuckle to myself when I past by the produce section in my grocery store. I normally wouldn’t even be in the general vicinity of fruits and vegetables, but it is my only route to the candy isle.

I cannot lie about my past, however. I used to eat my veggies. A proud mother I made her: There were no peas or carrots left on my plate.

What happened? Well, I am not sure. I remember being on diet. 30 days in and I was rolling.  I then decided that I’ll allow myself to have a cheat day, since, you know, using food as an reward system is beneficial to your wellbeing. 

I remember that day well. I start it off with a snickers bar. I then realized how much better it tasted than all the other crap I eating. It was eye opening. I mean, it was mouth opening, as it was in my case. 

 I threw out all of the vegetables and fruits in my fridge and burned my Whole Foods Market rewards card. 

I became a regular at McDonald’s and if I flirted with Debbie at the front counter enough, she’ll throw in an Apple Pie with my order. 

 365 days later, I’ve manged to turn my cheat day into a cheat year. 


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