Entrepreneurship: Manipulating the Masses

The masses are fallible and susceptible to control. Once one has reached a new level of understanding of the how the world operations, manipulation can be used as a means to for monetary gain. This guide is specifically written with the intention of informing entrepreneurs that are looking to take the next step in their businesses ventures.

Pretend that you read

Let’s be honest: the population you are catering to does not know the difference between your and you’re. The only books they have ever read were assigned to them by their teachers, and they ended up using SparkNotes the night before their paper was due.

You do not actually have to read to pretend that your well versed in literature. Just go to your nearest Barnes and Noble, purchase a bunch of books in different genres, and fill your bookshelf with them.

Buy thick framed glasses

Studies have concluded that glasses increase your perceived IQ by 63%


Quote the books you brought

Skim through all the books you recently brought and find quotes you can use when you give talks and speeches. This is bound to increase others perception of your intelligence by 25%.


Speak simply, slowly and concisely. The bigger the word, the further you are limiting the demographics of your target audience. Play the part, say your lines, and get paid.



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