Eating Habits at the Office

“I love how you can just eat anything.”

If you are relatively fit and work in an office setting, you have probably received this comment more than you would like. It is usually from the middle aged heavy set lady that loves to talk about health and fitness.

First off, you do not see the hours of work that goes into maintaining this pristine, godlike physique. *humblebrag*

My diet is not all kale and organic fruit smoothies, but I do watch what I eat. I also work out like a madman so I can eat like one.

Simply, you must understand how to properly monitor your eating habits and caloric intake. In an office setting, this is no easy task as you are bombarded with sugary treats and foods on a weekly basis. Janice is not going to stop bringing in those boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, so it is up to you to adapt properly to your setting.

Removing jars from your desk:

I do find it pretty weird that you are not able to lose weight. After all, all you had for lunch was an apple. Right?

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“If you can see it, you will eat it.” Just because you were consciously unaware of you gliding a handful of those skittles down your throat, does not mean that they do not count as a calorie. My best advice is to remove those candy filled jars from your desk.


Staying out of the breakroom – Classical Conditioning:

As primitive animals, we are conditioned and triggered by certain stimuli.

The clock strikes noon. Your mind starts to fixate on food and you even start salivating as your stomach starts rumbling. 

Packing a lunch and avoiding the break room altogether would be your best course of action in breaking this form of conditioning.

Taking responsibility for your eating habits: 

Temptations will always be lingering over you. Ultimately, it is all about taking responsibility for your habits, whether you are sitting in a cubicle or a stationary bike.

The effectiveness of these tips will be contingent to your individual discipline and willpower.


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