Preaching to the Wrong Choir

I have been listening to Alex Jones for quite a while. I usually listen to about 4 hours of Alex Jones per day. This claim can not go baseless so here is proof:

I am currently taking a political science course to fulfill my elective requirement for university. We have class discussions and I’m sure I am the only one amongst my peers that have been vetted by the great Alex Jones.

A few classes ago, we started talking about globalization and free-trade and their pros and cons. It was time. Now was the moment for me to apply my teachings of the great one.

This is how I felt before starting my rant:

The information started spewing out of me: Globalism. Interdimensional psychic vampires. Pedophiles. Witches. Demons. 

Rinse, repeat  

The rant went on for about 45 minutes. My teachers and classmates were well put off by my teachings. They started asking for evidence for my claims and said what I was saying was nonsense. 

What a bunch of nerds!

My patience started to become subdued. I scolded at them, stating: “Our President has been vetted on this information. Do you think he would listen to people that make faulty claims?” 

Donald Trump’s interview with Alex Jones
Evangelical Pat Robertson interviewing Donald Trump.

I had enough of their bitching. I called them a bunch of liberal globalist Marxist scums and stormed out, promptly withdrawing from the class the day after.

I am walking to class one day and I am stopped by an unfamiliar face. “Hey, weren’t you that one guy in my POLI 374 class?” I respond haphazardly with a quick yes. I needed to make sure he wasn’t a government agent called to silence me. 

“Dude, I started researching some of the stuff you were talking about. Can you explain some of it to me?” 

I felt honored and now found it my duty to inform this righteous man of the truth. I sat him down and throughly explained to him my teachings. 


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