The Political Fight Against Demons and Witches

Evangelists and Televangelists alike have been leading the fight against the demonic and malevolent spirits that have been slowly creeping in our political system. Right wing political commentators have been using the power of independent media to spread the gospel as well.
Satan has always played a crucial role in the American political discourse. As of recently, his attempt to bring down Donald Trump was halted by the prayers of people like Pat Robertson.


Video of the witches spell-casting outside of Trump Tower.

I have been increasingly meticulous in my encounters with female acquaintances. If I were to see a broomstick in their residence, I make sure it is not being used for any extracurricular activities other than cleaning.

There is an undeniable wickedness that must be exposed. Our friend Alex Jones has been on the forefront of this fight.


Praise the great lord that Pat Robertson had the chance to interview our great President. Let us hope that he vetted Trump on the spooky witches. 


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