Sunday Brunch: City vs. Suburb

Brunch in the City

The Sunday morning grogginess prevails over you as you as you crave the plumpest of carbohydrates. Decisions, decisions. You end up sticking with the usual spot: the local mom and pop shop a couple of blocks from your apartment.

You call up your friend. The next sentence  comes to no surprise: “Want to get brunch?”

The line is a bit long, but it is well worth the wait. You pay $10 for a plate of razor thin pancakes and tofu bacon. 

Tofu bacon: Also known as Fakon.
Well worth it. Best of all, their yelp rating is 5/5. You wouldn’t dare eat at an establishment with anything less than a four star rating. 



Brunch in the Suburbs 

The kids are hungry and your wife is feeling under the weather. She gives you the keys to the minivan and tells you to get them breakfast. This is the moment you’ve prepared for. You read the book your next door neighbor ironically got you for your birthday. 

You pack them in the minivan. On your way to Denny’s, you drive by bloated parking lots that are filled a quarter of capacity.

You reach your destination.

There seem to be more handicap parking spaces than you’re accustomed. High blood pressure is perhaps the only actual ailment possessed by those unloading from these spaces.

You didn’t bother checking the reviews on this particular location because it’s Denny’s. Where else are you going to go to get Sunday brunch? IHOP? 

A review from my local Denny’s

It doesn’t matter. The kids are happy and so are you. Their palates are so unsophisticated that they could have been served microwaveable bacon and they would have thought it was good.



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