Succulent: The Word That Will Make You a Dank Chef

When I think of the word succulent, my mouth starts watering. I picture a juicy, savory dish that will satisfy the most voracious of cravings.

Examine the video below.  

The way in which the man describes the meal he ate indicates the quality of the food. A succulent Chinese meal; that sounds like a damn good meal! Imagine if he said tasty Chinese meal. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

In comparing these two Chinese restaurants, let’s associate the word tasty and succulent to its exterior.



See the difference? 

Bias Sensory

Research has been done on this topic. Here is an excerpt from the book Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink:

“The foods with descriptive names were rated as more appealing and tastier than the identical foods with the less attractive labels. Furthermore, when asked what they thought about the foods, the diners eating the descriptive foods tended to claim that they were ‘fantastic’ or ‘great recipes’.”- Chapter 6, Page 152


Next time you cook for friends or family members, use this tactic. If they ask, “what are cooking for dinner tonight.” Respond  with “Succulent ____.”

Recipe books use this tactic all the time, naming their dishes with the creamiest adjectives they can find.

However, I have yet to find one that utilizes the word “succulent”.

No matter how bad of a cook you are, the perception of the food will change depending on your adjective choices. This will positively affect the taste of your dish.

Now get out there a cook up some scallops. Before plotting them on the plate, announce to the crowd this is your famous “succulent scallops.” Now watch as your peers become amazed by a substandard meal.


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