Victims Of Pet Peeves Engagement

During Trump’s speech to Congress, he introduced a new governmental agency called VOICE: Violence of Immigration Crime Engagement

I believe the general populace would benefit most by publishing the follow actions committed by individuals.

If I were president, I would bring to the people an executive action. You will be able to vote, and the top five pet peeves now become punishable by law.

Wearing sandals with socks – Capital Punishment

Who has the audacity to wear scandals with socks? Such an egregious act should be punished by our institutions. Think of the children and the future leaders we want in our country. We cannot have this to be a continuing trends.

Wearing Crocs – Minor offense misdemeanors or fine

Pretty self-explanatory. Anyone caught wearing crocs shall be imposed with a fine our jailed for up to 30 days, depending on state laws.

Crocs with socks? A crime as heinous as this gets elevated to a felony and qualifies for the death penalty.

Slurping – Mandatory minimum of 10 years in year

In some countries, like Japan, slurping is considered a sign of respect.

Not in America. The grotsequeness of the sounds omitted by the act of slurping shall be condemned and will be considered a felonious act. A mandatory minimum of 10 years in jail will be imposed if found guilty of slurping.

I would rule like the President of the Philippine’s. 


Replace the word drugs with crocs, sandals with socks, and slurping: that will be my credo. 

I probably shouldn’t be president.






2 thoughts on “Victims Of Pet Peeves Engagement”

  1. Though I completely understand the hatred for crocs, I have to admit I have a pair that I only wear when taking the dogs out and when I’m camping and need to trek to the bath house. Mine are wool-lined so I don’t need to wear socks. 😉 But socks with sandals is just pure lunacy!

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