How to Do the 10,000 Calorie Challenge in a Third-World Country

There is no greater sign of privilege than making it a challenge to consume five days worth of food in under 24 hours. Although this  challenge is not restricted to nationality or race, I believe those in living developing countries face a severe disadvantage if they were to attempt this feat.

Living in a industrialized nation, individuals have a number of options when it comes to high caloric foods.

Let’s see how this challenge would fair to the San people of Botswana.

“Hey dad, you know that giraffe you just hunted? Do you mind if I eat it by myself? I am trying to do a challenge.”

“But son, we have to feed the entire village with this. Are you mad?”

You’re probably going to have a hard time convincing the villagers to let you chow down on an entire deer, so we are going to need to find some alternatives.


The following information I obtained from so you know it is unbiased.

All you would need to do is down 80 crickets to get to 10,000 calories.

Depending on how diverse your recipe book is, loading these critters on a flour tortilla puts you well on your way to 10,000 calories.

Mosquito Burgers

Couple a few of these cricket dishes with some mosquito burgers for maximim caloric intake.

mongongo nuts

The mongongo nut is a stable in the San people’s diet.

Here are the nutritional facts of 3.5 ounces (or 100 grams) worth of nuts.

This comes out to about 609 calories in only 3.5 ounces of nuts. This is a must in attempting the 10,000 calorie challenge.

This post shows that it is not impossible to complete the 10,000 challenge while living in a third world country. Sure, it won’t taste as delicious as a Triple Whooper from burger, but it is doable.


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