The Top 3 Dankest Politicans Alive

The days of mudane, dull politicans are long over. How dank are you? That is an answer many politicans are going to have to answer in the upcoming years. The tidewave is currently shifting. These three faces are the leaders in this new wave of dank politicans.

*note this list only incorporates politicans that are currently in office* 

3. Ted Cruz

The redemptive tail of Ted Cruz’s dankness is one that almost brings me to tears. Swarmy and unlikeable were the only two words that could describe this man.

Here is a video of him refering to a basketball hoop as a “basketball ring.” This was pre-dank Cruz, all a distant and foggy memory.

Now? Well, hot damn! 

This joke stems from the long held belief that Grayson Allen, Duke University basketball player, looks like Ted Cruz.

2. Norm Kelly 

Norm Kelly is a Canadian politican whose twitter account resembles that of a college-aged internet dweller. I want to whole-heartedly believe that it is not an Intern behind these tweets, but I am suspicious.

He also has a deep infatuation for Toronto native, Drake.

1. Donald Trump

The Undisputed champ, without a doubt. Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign was a shit-post galore, creating some of the best memes the universe has ever witnessed. Politics aside, there is no denying this claim.

Long before his 2016 run.



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