The Rise and Fall of ShoeNice

ShoeNice is, in my opinion, is one of the greatest YouTubers of all time. If content creation is an art form, ShoeNice is in the category of post-modernism.

The avant-garde nature of his videos was what put ShoeNice ahead of his class. Who else would go into a Starbucks bathroom and eat an entire roll of toilet paper?

Who else would down 4 mini bottles of red wine to wash down the grainy texture of toilet paper?

Remember when you broke the world for the longest roll of toilet paper eaten in Times Square?

What happened to the danger? The edge? The risk taking? You were the first person in the world to record themselves eating a cactus. You were, without a doubt, ahead of your time.



Remember the time you entered mainstream popularity by eating dog poop? That video was so popular that Earl Sweatshirt gave you a shoutout.

*No link for video provided cause do you really want to see a grown man eat dog shit?*   




Bring back the old ShoeNice.


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