How Global Warming Lost Me My First Love 

T’was a gloomy winter night. What separated us were a couple of clicks and the press of the enter key. We locked eyes. You looked so beautiful. Your pink pigment complimented the shit-stained color of your hair. We went back to my igloo.

“Sorry for the mess.”

You gave me wholehearted 😏.

We humped like rabbits, expect we were penguins.

We started a life together. A bond derived of fish and fornication.

And then it started melting. My igloo started to dissipated at the same velocity of our romance. All was left were fragmented pieces shattered and lonesome. What a tragic departure you bestowed upon me.

I will never forget you. Every time I log onto my Club Penguin and your status as “offline” my sunny days turn into overcast clouds, squandering over me.

Whenever I watch Happy Feet, tears flood my black fur.

Club Penguin is shutting down March 17th, 2017. As it goes, so will the memories we shared.

Never forget.



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