How BuzzFeed Gave Me Cancer

About a week ago, I felt a small lump on my testicules. I went to the doctor the other day for a routine check up. Everything seemed fine. As he felt around ny man region, his hands swept through the same spot I noticed my lump.

He asked about it. We then commeneced the process of screening  for any signs of testicular cancer.

We went through a Ultrasound and blood test to analyze my body for any cancerous cells. The moment he entered the room with my test results, I knew I was in trouble. The look on his face said it all.

Doctor:  The results have determined that you have Stage I testicular cancer.

Me: That doesn’t make sense. I was fine just a week ago.

Doctor: This is strange. I have been seeing an influx of men coming in with the same issue. I know this may sound like a unrelated question, but between last week and now, have you visited the website… BuzzFeed?

It came to me. Exactly seven days ago, my friend sent me a BuzzFeed article:

That was the same night I felt the lump on my ballsack.

BuzzFeed gave me cancer.


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