The Strangest Fap I Ever Had

I have always been fascinated with this man. His name his Joey. Joey is a YouTuber that does food reviews from the back of his pickup truck in empty fast-food parking lots. He released a video in which he depicts himself reviewing a taco bell menu item naked.

I am usually not aroused by men when they are shirtless. I frequent the gym and have a deep admiration for those hard-bodied boy toys squatting ass to grass. But, that is all I have for them: admiration.

Perhaps the reality of the situation is that I am a chubby-chaser. My admiration turns into infatuation once the BMI classification goes up an interval.

What possessed me at that moment? To this day the answer is not quite clear. The instant he bit into that chalupa, my soft taco turned into a hard-shell.

I am not sure if I am disappointed in myself or still slightly aroused. I see the video in my YouTube recommendations constantly and have to close the webpage to stop myself from repeating this offense.

Joey, if you see this, please email me.


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