5 Pictures That Prove Mitch McConnell Is a Reptillian 

Shape-shifting reptilian humanoids are real and there is conclusive evidence. These reptilians have long sought to conquer our political system by infiltrating the government. These reptilians seek to command through a New World Order.

These pictures are proof of my claim. The turtle derives from the scientific name Testudines, which hails the reptile category. See the similarities for yourself.

Poignant. Fierce. Scary.

Beware of the stare.

McConnell in the midst of a shape-shift.

McConnell in his most human form.

Baby McConnell during his amphibian days.

Differentiating and expertly examining the betweenness of our government officials and the infiltrating reptilian will help us fight against the upcoming tyranny of this group.

What you can do to fight the reptilians: 

Contact Mitch Connell and demand for his resignation. Our country does need any more shape-shifting humanoids in our government.


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