YouTube Channel Review: JoeysWorldTour

Have you ever wanted to travel the globe but never had the money or time to commit? Have you ever wanted to taste the foods of different cultures, diversifying your ever so Americanized palate? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the channel may be for you. Come join Joey, as he tours the globe from the back of his pickup truck in an empty fast-food parking lot.

 Fanbase: 10/10

Joey’s has three major blocks of fans.

  1. The people that actually to his channel to watch him review food
  2. The insulters
  3. The overly sexualized commenters.


Catchphrases: 8.5/10 

  • Woowoowoo
  • “She said she was only 18.”
  • Muchachos
  • Random impersonations of various cultures and ethnicities

Out of all of these, woowoowoo is the most memorable. The way he uses the phrase is versatile. It can be used to display satisfaction and deep contemplation. He does switch up the IM BACK in his introductions, varying the length and tonality of the phrase.


Meme Potential: 7.5/10

Joey has decent potential of solidifying himself in the ranks of YouTube food reviewers. Dayum Drops does not have the same humility Joey has which I think set him apart from his competitors

It can get repetitive, however. Joey is going to have to get broader with his challenges. I could see him replacing the late and great ShoeNice if he intends to go that route.

Joey is willing to degrade himself for views. It’s endearing, though.

Wildcard Factor: 9/10

Every once in a while, he will throw you a bone. This bone will be in the form of a food challenge or a food review that is a bit off the cuff.

Joey’s up-close and personal food review.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

This is a solid channel. Great entertainment, funny comments, and outrageous content from time to time. Whether you need a quick fap or a laugh, JoeysWorldTour can deliver.


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