Top 5 Subreddits for single guys this Valentine’s Day

Perhaps you were not fortunate enough to have cupid visit you this year. This does not mean you have to spend this Valentine’s Day all alone. This list will breakdown the 5 essential subreddits you will need to cope with any Valentine’s Day induced depression.

5 – /r/Escorts

You’re one click away from breaking that dryspell. This subreddit provides a well-developed guide to finding your ideal prostitute.

Post on how to exhibit excellent client etiquettes.

4 – /r/Relationships 

One can expect this subreddit to be riddled with Valentine’s Day horror stories. Hit new, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the drama-free day blessed upon you by your solidarity.


A /r/relationships post in the early hours of February 14th.

3 – /r/Amiugly

If you want the answer as to why you are dateless this Valentine’s Day

2 – /r/TheRedPill

Transform yourself from a beta cuck into the man you always wanted to become.

Time to wake up, cucks. – via suck_88

1 – /r/Gaybros

If you continue to find yourself single or dateless on February 14th, it may be time to check out the other side of the sexuality spectrum.

You still might struggle with the dating aspect, however.

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