Explaining Alex Jones’ Sex Appeal

Alex Jones is the definition of a man’s man. He possesses the sex appeal to make any women quiver that watches him during the midst of his epic rants. This list breaks down the masculine and desirable aroma omitted by Jones.

1. He is a man of action

Alex Jones displays a set of characteristics that is extremely rare to find in men today. His cadence, ruggedness, and maturity transcend each and every word he verberates.

2. He is environmentally-friendly

Alex Jones cares about all living species on our planet. His rant against the U.S. Government putting chemicals in our water that turn our frogs gay shows his conviction on this particular subject.

3. High Meme Potential 

Alex Jones makes conspiracy theories sexy and erotic.

How could women resist a man this woke?

4. He is sensitive and soft-spoken. 

5. He is a Patriot

Alex Jones is a righteous defender of the U.S. Constitution and our liberties bestowed upon us by our founding fathers. Charismatic and a patriot? Ladies, find you a man that is both.


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