Lil Toenail: Your Mom’s Favorite Rapper   What a time to be alive.


Should We Bring Back Public Executions?

I remember the good ole' days. The days in which we would look at a person's skin color and automatically assume it was guilty of a crime. Why spent the taxpayers money on feeding that filthy animal. Hang em'. Hang em' for all to see. Oh, the good ole' days. Papaw and Mamaw would bring… Continue reading Should We Bring Back Public Executions?

Advice Column #1: Pharmacist with Intense Hair Stroke

This is a great question. Let's start by exploring what exactly the term "hair stroke" entail. First off, if you see that she is having a stroke you should probably take these precautionary measures.  If you see that her hair is uneven and hanging down, you should call 911. Tell her that her hair is… Continue reading Advice Column #1: Pharmacist with Intense Hair Stroke